About me. About the blog.

I am Zachary Santer. I am a student at West Virginia University. Right now, I’m in Savona, Italy. I was invited here to perform research for an Italian professor who I worked for at the Morgantown National Energy Technology Laboratory during the summer of 2010 while he spent a year-long sabbatical there. This is a part of a knowledge-sharing agreement between the Morgantown NETL site and the research group here. While here, I will be taking some classes, doing a bunch of research, and seeing the sights of northern Italy.

This blog exists to serve several purposes:

  • First, my extended family is interested in following my experiences in this foreign land.
  • Additionally, I wouldn’t mind gaining a few hours of Honors credit out of this. Don’t let this worry you, though. With any luck, this blog will never resemble an assortment of scholarly compositions. If posting becomes a chore, I’m not going to do it. I’ll write when I want, about what I want, how I want to.
  • Having a place to put my general musings may be a nice perk as well. You may have noticed that the name of this blog doesn’t reference being abroad. When I am back in America, I may try to keep this thing alive. If you are wondering what the name of this site does reference, look here. It seemed like a cool name for a blog.

I hope I can make this blog interesting and enjoyable. Let’s find out.

Also, this is a copy of the general About page. It seemed like a good way to start things off.

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