Corso Italia Car Show: A PhotoDump

I’ve been hoping to make a post on Italian vehicles at some point. Today, a bunch of cars were on show on a pedestrians-only street. So, here’s about sixty-five pictures. You’re welcome.

If you’re not bored enough for this, the main gist is this: hatchbacks and station-wagons rein supreme, SUVs are here and there, and sedans are rare. A lot of roads are narrow, with corners and curves and things, which definitely favors hatchbacks.

Making this post crashed Firefox about four five six times, so I hope a few people actually look through it.

all photos ©2011 Zachary Santer

2 Comments on “Corso Italia Car Show: A PhotoDump”

  1. Dad says:

    Hey Zack, very nice. I especially like the little Chevrolets and Fords. I saw a Fiat at one of my jobs 2 weeks ago in Beckley. Surprised me.

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