It’s April

It’s been far too long since my last post, and that one was barely a post at all. So here is something. My smaller camera broke a week ago, my D70s is not an every-day-carry camera, and I still haven’t been officially paid yet, so it’s looking like it will be all cellphone pics from here on out. I’m sorry.

Due to a bit of a debacle on my father’s part, I will be back in America earlier than I had planned, in late June. Just an FYI, you can’t change the return trip date of a round trip flight after you have already gone one way.

I had to deal with my bank yesterday in town. I found a branch of the Banco di San Giorgio closer to campus than the one I’ve dealt with before. I went there just to be told that my account is not with them, and I need to go to the other branch to deal with it. Okay. That makes perfect sense, right?

I took care of my business there, and went looking for a hair place. Before I found it, I found a dealer of airsoft guns and equipment. For those who don’t know, basically these are fake guns that shoot plastic pellets that kids and others use in games. They can look pretty real. Anyway, I normally wouldn’t patronize such an establishment, but I wanted a new hat. On my eternal quest to look like an a-hole and protect my head from too much sun or rain, I’ve been wearing a boonie hat now and then. I was kind of bitching at myself about how ridiculous my snow camo one looks and how I should find a solid-colored one if I’m going to wear it as often as I do. Cue airsoft joint.

Yes, that kind of hat.

Before I went to the hats, I screwed around with some of the airsoft guns. I dropped a mag on the floor, and picking it up, noticed a €250.00 price tag, on the mag. I sincerely hope that was for the whole rifle. There were plenty of boonie hats to be had, though as far as I could tell, only one of them fit my apparently-gigantic head. It isn’t a solid color, but it looks a lot less ridiculous than my older one.

I found the hair place and got my hair shampooed and cut for less than half what a cut would cost me at the mall and was done with a half hour left before a movie I wanted to see in the theater.

"The most grave suspension of the something democratic in an occidental(?) country something the Second World War." Must be a war flick.

That’s what I thought paying for my ticket. This movie is actually about a bunch of protesters being beaten to death in their little command center for no good reason at the G8 Summit held in Genova in 2001. Some evidence gets planted, some survivors get beaten some more in jail, etc. It didn’t really have much of a plot besides leveling accusations in dramatic form at the Italian authorities. Of course, there might have been more to it if I spoke Italian well, but whatever.

I don’t have much of an opinion on whether or not the events depicted in the movie really happened quite like that. Nobody really knows who wasn’t right there. Its a bit humorous to me that the movie begins with some of these protesters already destroying private property, though that may be an attempt at appearing unbiased. And of course, there was only one police officer in the entire ordeal who wasn’t a complete psychopath. The guys I work with said something, at least, really happened, though. Here is a Wikipedia article on the events, for what it is worth.

One thing I learned from one of the previews before it is that Will Smith doesn’t sound black when he speaks in Italian. Learn something new everyday.

After that I got something sweet at the foot of the hill the Seminary is on and had another pizza with an egg on it nearby. I really like those. I might have to show up at Pizza Al’s with an egg some time when I’m back in Morgantown.

I've lost at least three inches off my waist while I've been in Italy, all the while eating stuff like this.

Your semi-regular old Volkswagen fix:

Two-toning it up.

It has been comfortable outside most of the time for at least the last three weeks. So now I don’t really have a good excuse for not walking into town every now and then. More posts, I guess.

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