Pizza Americana

3 Comments on “Pizza Americana”

  1. Larry Banta says:

    While in Japan a number of years ago, my brother in law ordered an “American Pizza” from a takeout place. Among other things, it was topped with canned corn and mayonnaise. Where do they get these ideas???

  2. ˙How funny Zack! Thanks for posting and blogging. I remember before the days of blogs, David did a journal when he traveled Europe seven years ago now. Great idea and you will have fun reading it years later. Big hug to you. We will have fun reading about your time there. Jenny and David

  3. Lavi says:

    well…in Romania we put ketchup on top of pizza before we eat it 🙂 and we put everything on it including peppers, mushrooms, corn, boiled eggs, spinach…everything you want and it’s delicious!

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