First Savonese Snowfall

The view out my dorm window today.

Snow is a once-a-year thing here, generally.

Update: And long stretches of cold weather are not planned around. A few days after the picture was taken, I ran across an exposed plastic pipe outside a building near where I work that had burst in two places. It sprayed a mist of water all over the road, which of course froze. This went on for several days. It was a little entertaining, honestly.

I got my wish.

I got soaked today, to the bone. I’m glad nobody else in the office was going to be in Savona today, because much of my clothing is drying on another desk. That is all.

Update: This storm, which dropped about two inches of rain on Savona – most of it in the span of two hours, as far as I could tell – killed at least nine people. Definitely not what I wished for.

It’s always beautiful here. Ugh.

This is every week, so far.

There might be scattered showers once every week and a half or so, and overcast skies are about as rare. This just about kills beautiful weather for me. Give me some rain. Though that may just mean that I miss what I’m used to.

Actual Italian alert: It generally rains this time of year here. God is obviously trying to mess with my mood.